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.PLUC Logo The Public Land Users Committee (PLUC) promotes recreational use for government land, and leased access. We promote responsible use, and we work to improve the user experience. PLUC posts Wyoming State Land to improve access and reduce conflicts. We have raised money and donated labor and materials to make 3-Poles available at no cost. We have cleaned this area several times, and appreciate the help from many people who use the area to keep it clean. Thank you!

Riding OHVs and using firearms are both activities with a high degree of inherent risk that PLUC supports (in different areas). The Wyoming Recreational Safety Act makes clear that inherent risks are the responsibility of participants who choose to engage in the activity. PLUC is an all volunteer organization that is working to improve recreational opportunities. Please ride in your comfort zone, so this area can stay open and free to the fun loving public. Please contribute to PLUC.

Please see About for details, Happening for events, Contact to comment, Posts for posting pictures or videos, QR / 2D codes for Quick Response code links, and Donate / Volunteer to give! 

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