About Public Land Users

Our Mission

To work as a conduit to promote and enhance recreational access to public lands through responsible use, education, and other means as appropriate to encourage and secure proper stewardship of these lands.

The Public Land Users Committee (PLUC) has posted over 15,000 acres of Wyoming State Land in Sheridan and Johnson Counties for sportsman access. We have cleaned up state and county lands. We work with grazing, utility, & mineral lessees to reduce conflicts.  We work to improve access for hunting, fishing, and target practice areas like Buffalo Run. For additional information on land access issues the pluc.info website is made for PC access http://goo.gl/1Ix4v.

Please see the Wyoming Office of State Lands & Investments (OSLI) GIS website http://goo.gl/D2iBG for state land access maps. Please take a minute to tell them how important state land is for Sheridan & Johnson Counties! To research land restrictions by county please see http://goo.gl/EvVAD.

Additional WY Game and Fish information on hunting and walk-in areas is available from this website http://goo.gl/Etskj.

We are working with the Sheridan County Recreation Department to develop an Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) track at 3-Poles Rec Area. We have also started to develop a BMX bike track in the same general area (Beatty Gulch Road).

The US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has an online mapping program with several base maps that may be of interest. Please see GeoCommunicator.gov for maps of public lands in Wyoming and surrounding states. GeoCommunicator provides wall maps up to 22″ x 17″ in PDF format. Many specialized maps for energy development are available, as well as maps for outdoor fun enthusiasts.

We are working to reopen Buffalo Run to shooting. We believe that everyone will be best served if the public has access to government lands for recreation. Wyoming residents are especially keen on protecting their 2nd Amendment Rights.

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