Big 5 Access – Little Fork Road

The “Big 5 Sections” refers to a large parcel of Wyoming State Land bordering the Bighorn National Forest on the border of Johnson County and Sheridan County. This area has been available by landowner permission only, as the public access had never been staked. Recent land sales and growing public interest in accessing the southern Bighorn Mountains has coincided with what are believed to be accurate, reliable facts. The recently uncovered facts about the access are presented below.

Extending County Road #39

1. County Road #39 was deeded to Johnson County on December 6, 1916.

2. The short jog North from the western end (border of section #11 and section #10) was “left over in the vacation of County Road No. 39.

3. The portion left over from the vacation of County Road #63 was surveyed on July 6, 1896.

4. The portion extending to Wyoming State Land (1/2 section 10 border) was established on August 3, 1920.

Assuming that no errors exist in this carefully researched public land access documentation, public access is available. PLUC is interested in working with all parties to make this public access a reality, and work to establish an orderly way for the public to travel to this important area.

1. Link to overview of Big 5 Sections showing Lake DeSmet and Bighorn National Forest.  Source OSLI public access map. Big5 – ExpandedArea – OSLIaerial

2. Link to aerial view of proposed staking route for public access to the “Big 5 Sections” of Wyoming State Land. Aerial View – Johnson County, Wyoming

PLUC is committed to enhancing outdoor recreation opportunities, and reducing conflicts with landowners, lessees, neighbors, and other affected parties. Please come to our public meetings to find out more. Our current project is working to clean up Wyoming streams. Please see Clean Streams for Kids Page.

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