MAPS & Aerial Views of Public Lands

PLUC provides maps and aerial views of public lands to help users access lands, but users are responsible for knowing where they are at all times. GPS and the Internet are wonderful technologies, but they are not excuses for trespassing.

Note: Corner jumping in Wyoming is NOT considered legal, though a district court did indicate a few years ago that the old belief that property rights extended up into the heavens was made obsolete by airplanes and satellites using that space.


Maps display a roundish, bumpy world as it may appear when modeled on a flat surface. All models are wrong, though some are useful. Beware that many older BLM maps used NAD1927 datum, while most GPS units use WGS1984 (or NAD1983 – which is roughly interchangeable for the continental USA). Using the wrong datum can result in significant errors. Please be aware of datum differences. If you are not sure, find out before you go.

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