Quick Response (QR / 2D) Codes / Tags & goo.gl short URL codes

QR codes (also called 2D codes or tags) provide a machine-readable method of transferring information from objects to smartphone apps, tablet computers, and specialized readers. The QR codes are robust (with up to 30% error correction), simple to use (when the ISO / IEC 18004 2006 standards are observed), and work much faster with fewer errors than hand keying data into phones / keyboards.

Wyoming State Land Access  –  http://goo.gl/D2iBG

2D code - StateLandMap URL

WY State Land Map link

Google short URL codes are less likely to have broken links, and tracking use is available by adding .info to any goo.gl code. Google has sophisticated ways of detecting people gaming their system, or using zombie link tricks to install malware. Using short URL codes make life simpler.

Wyoming State Land restrictions (by county) website info- http://goo.gl/EvVAD

Wyoming Game & Fish hunting information & walk-in program lands – http://goo.gl/E5csi

PLUC website for Personal Computer (PC) large format data. Desktop information for Wyoming land access, rules, history, and topics of particular interest to sportsmen. includes access maps for Sheridan and Johnson Counties – http://goo.gl/1Ix4v .

Wyoming State Land Temporary Use Permit information is available from http://goo.gl/1FClK and for Special Use Lease (SUL) Permit information see http://goo.gl/HBXP2.

Scanning the QR code below will put the PLUC monthly meetings schedule into your smartphone. We test 2D codes with QR Droid Private, Google Goggles, Microsoft Tag, Norton Snap, Scan, Pitney Bowes ScanShot, and several other scanning apps available from Google Play for Android phones. Similar apps are available for Apple, Blackberry, and Microsoft products.

PLUC monthly meetings

Public Land User monthly meeting schedule and location

Scanning 2D code below will put 3-Poles OHV rec area access from Beatty Gulch Road (latitude / longitude in map. 2D code graphics made with QR Droid Private / QR Droid Zapper. Note: Many BLM maps use NAD 1927 datum, and many GPS units default to WGS 1984. Each datum is a model to display the earth’s shape on a flat page. Each datum set is different. Make sure you know where you are! Setting up the GPS to use the correct datum is essential for proper navigation. Please see manufacturer instructions for your GPS, or the papers on http://goo.gl/gvZvS or the USGS.gov website.

3-Poles QR Geocode

3-Poles OHV Recreation Area Geocode – Beatty Gulch Road – Sheridan County, WY – NAD 83 datum

Using 2D codes will allow virtual connections to enhance the user experience for arts, history, and local treats. Where Wi-Fi is available, audio or video links can make virtual connections through 2D code links.

Future website upgrades will show 2D codes for geolocation of public access points for public lands. PLUC welcomes customer feedback on all our programs, including the optical links above.

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