Donate / Volunteer

PLUC needs volunteer labor! We also need materials to improve the user experience. Please help when you can, and come to our monthly meetings (2nd Tuesday, 2nd floor of Sheridan County Courthouse @ 5:30PM.

PLUC meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of the month on the 2nd floor of the Sheridan County Courthouse at 5:30PM. Email addresses for board members are on the contact page.

Donations of money through PayPal can be made by clicking the buttons below, and following instructions.

Please make a contribution! – $5.00 USD

Annual membership dues (or larger contributions) can be made through this button. PLUC – Full Voting Rights Membership Annual Dues – $30.00 USD. 

Thank You!

Note: The Public Land Users Committee is not a 501-(C)(3) non-profit. Your contributions are not tax deductible through PLUC, but donations for 3-Poles qualify through the Sheridan County Recreation District. Members have collectively spent our own money to buy equipment / software / GPS units / software / etc.. We have not met the IRS threshold  (over $10,000.00 / year for 3 consecutive years) to qualify as 501-(C)(3).

Donations to the 3-Poles BMX / ORV Rec Areas DO qualify for tax deductions through the Sheridan County Rec District. Please contact PLUC board members for more information.

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